ONLECO offers consulting services in the acoustic, energy and environmental fields to engineering companies as well as public and private entities.  ONLECO provides expert advice through combined and accumulated knowledge and the participation in research and consultancy projects partnered with various businesses and universities, ensuring quality advice all the way through the supply chain. ONLECO’s goal is to offer clients highly qualified, updated and inexhaustible services, taking into account market dynamics and needs while safeguarding the environment. 

ONLECO’s areas of expertise include:

  • Environmental, building and architectural acoustics
  • Audits, certification and energy signature
  • Refurbishments, incentives and eco-deductions
  • Monitoring, plant and smart building                                                                                          
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), commissioning and TAB services ( testing, adjusting, balancing and commissioning of mechanical systems)
  • Research and experimentation 

In case of complex activities, ONLECO can arrange counselling sessions with various professors from the Politecnico of Turin, comprising leading experts in technical physics of the building-plant system.
In order to promote innovation ONLECO believes and invests in research and  experimentation in collaboration with universities, research institutions and businesses.
Download our brochure and our curriculum vitae here for further information.