ONLECO is engaged in  design, construction, testing and management of  building-plant systems  in order to ensure high  standards of indoor environmental quality and effective systems of regulation as well as of control, in line with the most recent information on the subject of Green  and Smart Buildings  

ONLECO can offer more effective  technologies to control environmental well-being  performing functional testing of existing and  new systems. The company selects  the most appropriate solutions aimed at correcting deficiencies in performance of existing systems using high precision certified instruments.

ONLECO designs and installs  monitoring systems that ensure and maintain necessary standards for indoor comfort  and  energy saving. In turn the collected data  are compared to the performance of  the plant system. In case of critical areas the company can analyse and offer tailor made   solutions. Where works of art are stored or exhibited ONLECO also conducts deterioration risk analyses   for the preservation of the cultural heritage.

On the issue of sustainability certification ONLECO provides  consulting services  practising   LEED, Commissioning and TAB Services.