ONLECO works alongside local institutions, professionals, businesses and homeowners to develop  strategies aimed at reducing energy consumption, improving  energy efficiency as well as ensuring access to financial incentives.  Energy accounting systems are refined and  technical and economic feasibility studies are evaluated to improve  overall performance.

ONLECO conducts on-site assessment  and certifications; issues energy signature for  buildings by developing energy refurbishment plans and by increasing  energy efficiency working on structural and management solutions.  The client can choose the best solutions  in terms of energy savings, economic investment, relative return time and public funding.

ONLECO supports private and public institutions in the creation of an energy  register and in the design of a software that is kept regularly updated. The company also develops intervention policies aimed at limiting  energy consumption .

ONLECO analyses the multi-energy  systems and selects  the best solutions for its clients, such as minimizing  installation and management costs, and reducing  energy consumption and/or  environmental pollution derived  from  fossil fuels.